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Death at a Funeral  U.S. Version
Chris Rock,
Directed by Neil La Bute
Sony Pictures 2010

You’ve seen one Death at a Funeral you’ve seen them all. The U.S. scene for scene remake of the British comedy is like its counterpart occasionally entertaining but generally flat.  This comedy DVD in not for those with a short attention span; there are to many things going wrong for the timing to work.

Death at a Funeral features a who s who of Black comedy: Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan as well as screen veterans Ron Glass (Barney Miller) and Danny Glover (Die Hard). It also features a solid cast of actresses like Loretta Devine, Reginal Hall, and Zoe Saldana (Star Trek).

The Barnes family gets together for the funeral of the patriarch. Aaron (Chris Rock) is the eldest in the family and tries to keep everything going smoothly. This is not going to happen with a guest high on acid acid, a blackmailer, a broke and libidinous brother, a cantankerous uncle (Danny Glover), a cousin hiding the fact her fiancé is white and trying to escape her libidinous ex, and so on and so on.

Like the British version, Death at a Funeral sets up too many gags. Each funny situation only gets a few seconds screen time before the movie moves on to the funny situation so none really gets enough energy for a real comedic payoff.

Death at a Funeral is entertaining in a second rental kind of way.

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