Honeymoon In Vegas
Nicholas Cage, James Caan, Sarah Jessica Parker
Directed by Andrew Begman
Originally released 1992
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Fans of Honeymoon In Vegas will be disappointed by the sparcity, as in none, of special features on the Blu-ray version. This sort of romantic sort of comedy is sometimes confused with 1993’s Indecent Proposal because both involve a rich guy getting a nobody to lend him his wife for a weekend. Honeymoon In Vegas is the one with the Flying Elvises.

Nicholas Cage plays Jack Singer, an ordinary guy who is more than gun shy. Betsy, his long time grade two schoolteacher squeeze understands that but eventually loses patience. So as not to lose her Jack tells Betsy they are going to Vegas to get married. Gambler Tommy Korman spots Betsy in the lobby of the hotel and as she is a dead ringer for his dead wife decides he wants her.

Korman arranges for Jack to sit in on a poker game and to lose big-ish (sixty-five thousand). KOrman tells Jack he will erase the debt in exchange for a weekend with Betsy. Jack soon sees the error of his ways and tries to get Betsy back before it is too late.

Honeymoon In Vegas is a very uneven movie. Some things do not make sense such as Jack going back to NYC and his private eye business while Betsy is with Korman. The joke of the guy thinking his wife is cheating on him with Mike Tyson goes nowhere and is a clumsy setup for a rather bad scene.

Worse is that Jack is supposed to be a private eye yet he cannot on his own figure out where Korman lives in Hawaii or that Pat Morita, who with Peter Boyle is wasted in this movie, is taking him on a wild goose chase.

Honeymoon In Vegas has its moments but they are not really good enough or often enough to hide the many plot holes.

Honeymoon in Vegas is one Blu-ray comedy that can easily be skipped.


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