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I’m No Dummy
Jeff Dunham, Jay Johnson, Lynn Trefzger
Directed by Bryan W. Simon
Documentary DVD
Salient Media 2010
90 minutes

Venting is not only what you go to a therapist for; it is also the art of ventriloquism. Then again some ventriloquists are venting so there you go. The I’m No Dummy DVD gives … voice… to the history and art of ventriloquism. This is a fascinating, interesting, fun to watch, and funny documentary DVD. If you know anybody interested in ventriloquism, I’m No Dummy is a must.

It is not surprising but still a little weird that most of the ventriloquists interviewed and presented in I’m No Dummy express themselves better through their puppet than in person. Many ventriloquists were shy kids who found it easier to speak through someone else.

I’m No Dummy features quite a few performance clips from Jeff Dunham, Jay Johnson (Soap), and other comics and archival clips from other ventriloquists like Ronn Lucas, Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney, Arthur Worsley & Charlie Brown. These are fun and sometimes simply astounding.

The highlights for me on I’m No Dummy are the sections on masters like Paul Winchell, Senor Wences, Jimmy Nelson, who really influenced everybody else, and Edgar Bergen.

Other segments on this comedy documentary DVD include Lip Control and There’s Two of Us Here that points out the oddest fact about ventriloquism: the audience usually forgets there’s only one person on stage so the ventriloquist sometimes has to break the spell for the act to really work.

The bit about the history of Bob and Jay Johnson on Soap is also very interesting.

I’m No Dummy is an excellent documentary DVD and an even better history of ventriloquism.

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