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The Jeff Dunham Show
Jeff Dunham, Walter, Peanut
Ahmed, Bubba J
7 Episodes 1 DVD
Comedy Central 2010

The Jeff Dunham Show was a Comedy Central sketch comedy show featuring the ventriloquist and his puppets. Jeff Dunham is a low common denominator kind of comic and so was his show. The Jeff Dunham Show lasted for only 7 episodes, all of which are available on this situation comedy DVD along with an unaired sketch , behin the scenes, and bloopers.

This Comedy Central sitcom was decent enough but not more than that. Seeing Dunham’s puppets on their own in various real life environments like a shooting gallery, a mortuary, a restaurant, a sex shop, and so on did not work.

The humor in this show was also a little too adult for Dunham’s usual crowd, definitely sexist, and sometimes blatantly racist. Episode 3 has Sweet Daddy D, Dunham’s Black puppet taking the ventriloquist to a Black barbershop to get him an audience. You will not believe it when Dunham’s jokes to this audience include “I got a bad sunburn yesterday” and “Any Civil War buffs here?” You know it is supposed to be a skit about how white Dunham is but wow!

The formula for each show was Dunham and a puppet introducing a filmed sketch to a studio audience. Each show featured 4 comedy skits.

The audience was lucky if one of the segments on this Comedy Central sitcom was funny. Most of the skits were lame and quite a few would make an intelligent person squirm with discomfort, such as Walter telling the Asian doctor he had been in her POW camp.

Some of the better comedy bits on the seven episode The Jeff Dunham Show include Walter looking into computers (episode 3) and

The Jeff Dunham Show DVD is for hard core Dunham fans only.

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