I know for a fact this stand-up comedy CD is going to make our top 5 for 2010.

Matt McCarthy Come Clean is superb. McCarthy is unusual, funny, odd, original, personable, very wide ranging, and surprising (the Preview track is track 11). This is a generally clean, adult audience stand-up comedy CD that easily bears repeated listening.

Matt McCarthy opens with Greetings. The routine comes very close to being annoying and repetitive but McCarthy closes it just in time to show he is in full control.

If are or you know a redhead, you are going to love Unsung Minority. This routine is followed by a couple of offbeat bits. One of with observational comedy and one about botched suicide notes by the CIA. This is followed by very funny bits on McCarthy’s own suicide notes, spelling problems and other sometimes pointed observations, sometimes silly situations.

One of my favorite jokes on this stand-up comedy CD is “Is it just me, or do way too many funeral homes look like they could be Italian restaurants.”  It is one of the many how come nobody thought of this before moments here. It segues nicely into an excellent first date bit and a funny as hell bit on sex toys and the comedian’s sexual prowess.

Badass Poetry is another routine where this comic comes very, very close to crossing the line towards annoying and too long but again manages to do it just right. The Preview Track for iTunes that follows is an original idea.

Other routines on Matt McCarthy Come Clean is sex dreams while on safari and a very, very strange bit on how to get lotto numbers (you just have to hear it to believe it).

The closer on this stand-up comedy CD is 25 questions to get to know the comedian.

Even the most demanding comedy fan will enjoy Matt McCarthy Come Clean.

Come Clean
Matt McCarthy
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Live at Comix 2010
49 minutes

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