Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas Special
Manny Mammoth, Scrat Squirrel, Sid Sloth
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
24 minutes

Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas Special achieves what few such seasonal shows do: a fun, saccharine free, interesting even for adults episode that does not at all feel like an excuse for milking the franchise. If you like Ice Age, you are certainly going to enjoy this Blu-ray DVD combo. Being a fan of Scrat, I was bummed he did not get a short feature but he does show up in this cartoon.

Manny is getting all ready to celebrate Christmas by bringing out the family’s heirloom Christmas rock. Sid accidentally breaks it. Manny tells Sid he is on the Naughty List and Peaches hears him say Santa is not real.

This sets up an adventure where Peaches, Sid, and Crash and Eddie head out to the North Pole to find Santa and get Sid and Crash and Eddie off the naughty list. Manny, Ellie,and Diego go after the kids.

Ice Age packs a lot in a single Christmas episode so there is no time wasted and no filler. Though there are no hidden allusions to entertain adults, this is a Blu-ray DVD the whole family will enjoy more than once. The digital copy will help make sure you can bring it with you wherever you go.

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