The Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special DVD is the Comedy Central show with extra material –the package says 60 minutes.

Fans of Jeff Dunham, Peanut, Walter the curmudgeon, Jose Jalapeno, and so on will very much enjoy this DVD. I am not convinced by the “Family fun” sticker on the shrink wrap: not that I care, but there are a few bleeped jokes and sexual innuendos a “good Christian home” will object to.

Dunham opens his Christmas special with an excellent stand-up comedy routine about his daughter’s first car and her first attempt at gassing it up. As for the ventriloquist’s puppets, Walter is first up and you gotta love Walter. Walter brings out the best in Dunham and I really enjoyed the short bit of vocalizing tour-de-force at the beginning.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist follows Walter. Achmed allows the ventriloquist to do some darker comedy. This is especially true in the Very Special Christmas Special, especially the Christmas Carols bit. Very funny is Achmed singing Jingle Bombs backed by guitarist Brian Haner and the bit before that.

Bubba J. is next. This segment includes the Roadkill Christmas song which is pretty decent.

Long time Dunham puppet Peanut follows. This segment includes a few unfortunate tit jokes. My favorite, Jose Jalapeno shows up but unfortunately it is mostly to set up a few Mexican jokes.

The show closes with Peanut reading The Night Before Xmas. This is a bit long but does include a few good callbacks.

What I appreciate most about the DVD version of Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special is the select a character menu. I can avoid Bubba J. I simply cannot stand that puppet as it voices Dunham most common, lowbrow humor and this ventriloquist is much better than that.

Extra features on the Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special DVD include a deleted Ask Walter Santa audience participation bit which is quite good but obviously staged, and deleted Christmas Tips with Peanut, Walter, and Achmed. The other special features such as bits of the cover photoshoot and so on are a waste of time after you’ve seen them once.

If you like Jeff Dunham you are going to love ventriloquist Terry Fator

Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special
Jeff Dunham, Peanut, Walter
Jose Jalapeno, Achmed the Dead Terrorist
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment / Levity Productions 2008
85 minutes

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