If It Ain’t Broke Break It
Ravi Godse, Steve Guttenberg, Richard Kind
Sabrina Bryan, Rondell Sheridan
Written and directed by Ravi Godse
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If Doctor Ravi Godse wasn’t dying, his friends would kill him. This is pretty much the conclusion you come to watching the quirky independent comedy If It Ain’t Broke, Break It. This comedy has minor flaws typical to small budget movies but If Ain’t Broke, Break It makes you overlook them by its sheer silliness and originality. This is a funny, enjoyable comedy. It loses some steam halfway through but has enough left to carry you through.

In his third independent film If It Ain’t Broke, Break It Dr. Ravi Godse plays Doctor Ravi Godse, a silly man who likes to help people and believes he is funny. He is not funny and something goes comically wrong every time he helps someone. When he learns he has six months to live, Ravi decides to help six friends be happier whether they want it and need it or not. Things, of course, do not work out that way.

The friends include Ravi’s attorney played by Richard Kind (Spin City), his extremely dim secretary (Sabrina Bryan), a divorcee, the owner of the local coffee shop, and a colleague. He also wants to help his wife get a sense of humor. Steve Guttenberg plays a poetry teacher.

This independent comedy is episodic, each scene being a setup for at least one joke. The humor here is in the dialogue, in some of the scenes (such as Ravi helping a bum get into “his” Mercedes), and in the situations. There are also a few surprise jokes along the way if you are paying attention.

If It Ain’t Broke Break It loses a bit of energy and charm at the halfway point. Ravi, the character, complains he is juggling too many balls and Godse the director is. One of the main plot twists is a bit much. The story itself gets too convoluted. Adriene Wehr, who plays Ravi’s wife, is dead weight acting wise.

All in all, this is a fun little comedy.

Also by Ravi Godse: Dr. Ravi And Mr. Hyde


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