It Could Happen To You Blu-ray
Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, Rosie Perez, Weldell Pierce
Directed by Andrew Bergman
Widescreen 1:81:1
Originally released 1994
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
101 minutes

It Could Happen To You is based on a true story. The Hollywood treatment makes this romantic comedy a bit heavy-handed at times but it is pretty good and now available on Blu-ray with BD Live in a 1:85:1 widescreen format (the one that doesn’t leave black bars). There may not be a lot of broad comedy and real laughs in this movie but this Nicolas Cage / Bridget Fonda movie makes for a good chick flick with a few decent plot twists.

When cop Charlie Lang (Nicolas Cage) doesn’t have enough to leave waitress Yvonne (Bridget Fonda) a tip he promises her half his winnings on a lottery ticket. Charlie wins, keeps his promise, and pisses off his wife (Rosie Perez). Plot wise, It Could Happen To You is pretty thin.

Getting very good guy and married Charlie and  soon to be divorced Yvonne together is going to take some heavy duty Hollywood make believe. You know there are going to be a few obstacles before true love can triumph as this is after all a romantic comedy. This is perhaps Cage’s eyes are always red.

Poor Rosie Perez. Her Moowiel chawacter is an absolute beyatch and she twalks wif a Tweety Bird voice. This kind of movie is usually pretty heavy-handed but Muriel is really a bit much and Perez’ screen time becomes annoying. Stanley Tucci is also unlucky when it comes to his role as Yvonne’s soon to be ex-husband.

This is a movie that uses the broadest strokes when it comes to characterization and plot development including the classic “take the street urchins to Yankee Stadium”. The movie is too generic a chick flick to be a great romantic comedy but it is fun to watch, once.

Look for Isaac Hayes as the sort of narrator.

It Could Happen To You Blu-ray has no special features but does have BD Live, whatever that means.


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