The List
Wayne Brady, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Margaret Cho
Directed by Brandon Sonnier
Warner Home Video 2007
92 minutes

My brother asked me to review The List DVD. He probably wanted a woman’s view since this romantic comedy is a date movie (note from ed: it’s called a chick flick).  I was very happy to do it as I loved Wayne Brady on What’s My Line and I was very curious to see a second generation Poitier, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, at work.

I have to say that the first half of The List is a bit long and predictable with a run of the mill plot. Obsessive compulsive guy, Wayne Brady as Bond, Lewis Bond, loses girl on national TV. Here is where the list comes into play. He makes a list of what he wants in a woman and then looks for her according this list.  This creates three or four subplots that are needed to set up the second half of the movie when all will be revealed. I was a bit lost, feeling there was just a bit too much going on and trying to figure out where all this was going. Some of the dialogue is really corny and some of the choices made by the characters are a bit too predictable.

I did not feel there was any chemistry between Brady and Poitier but the acting was okay. I would of liked to have seen a little more sizzle in this romantic comedy. At least, I did not see the ending coming. All of the crisscrossing and set ups in the first half of The List converge to make the second half of the movie quite interesting. I really enjoyed it and was glad that I persevered because it is worth it.

All in all, The List is not a bad romantic comedy DVD and your typical date movie with a better than average second half.



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