Keith Alberstadt It s Pronounced Jenkins is as solid a stand-up comedy CD as they get.

He has a very varied set and his biographical and observational material is original but easily connects with the audience. It s pronounced Jenkins is a mostly clean set with adult topics. This is a comedy CD you will enjoy time and again.

An audience immediately knows it is in good hands and is going to get a good show with Keith Alberstadt. The relaxed way he delivers his material shows he has full confidence in it and his talent. This confidence is not at all misplaced.

This stand-up comic is not of the profound, controversial, make you think variety. Not every comedian needs to be that. Sometimes you just want a good laugh with no strings attached and that is exactly what Alberstadt delivers.

The comedy here is about telemarketers mispronouncing the comic’s name, growing up, being a smart ass, drinking in college towns and other gig adventures including entertaining the troops. It is worth noting this comic does not milk the fact he entertained the troops for applause.

Especially good are Pray Tell, a good bit on language and When Animals Attack and its superb punchline but everything on this CD works.

Keith Alberstadt It s Pronounced Jenkins closes with the end of the world and a great call back. There are also three bonus tracks at the end of this stand-up comedy CD taken from performances for the troops.

It’s Pronounced Jenkins
Keith Alberstadt
Stand-up Comedy CD
Rooftop Comedy 2010


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