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Yes Man
Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper
Directed by Peyton Reed
Originally released 2008
Warner Home Video 2009
104 minutes

Yes Man was one of three comedy DVD in the no longer available Warner Brothers Comedy box. The other two are Get Smart with Steve Carrell and the dreadful Observe and Report with Seth Rogen. This Comedy box is one of those prepackaged Christmas gift ideas you get at the last minute. Of the three, Get Smart is the best. Yes Man is bad but those who have not seen it will watch it. Observe and Report will get regifted though you’d have to be pretty mean to do so.

Yes Man could have been a good romantic comedy or even a great comedy but somebody forgot to care about it. Jim Carrey plays Carl Allen. Carl works for a bank and has been in a rut for the last three years. He ends up at one of those new age seminars that encourages people to say yes to everything. Carl tries this. Saying yes has interesting consequences, especially at first, but none that are really exploited.

The best consequence is meeting Allison (Zooey Deschanel of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). Deschanel plays a rather offbeat young woman Carl really falls for. Unfortunately, even Deschanel cannot lift this movie past the sub par bar. The twist two thirds in the movie is just stupid, badly acted and written, and badly anything else you can think of.

This comedy is like too many other Jim Carrey movies where a very loose script depends on Carrey’s mimicry to get laughs. Mimicry does not write a story and the secondary characters just flop around hoping one of their scenes makes it in the movie. This is not helped by the fact the characters such as Norman, Carl’s boss, are pretty unimaginative and lame.

I really could have done without the bit of oral satisfaction his elderly neighbor provides in exchange for putting up some shelves.

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