For some reason, I like Take A Joke America, the stand-up comedy CD by Carlos Mencia better the second time around.

I had an illegally downloaded version of Take A Joke America and didn’t listen to it much. This clean version of Mencia’s comedy CD is very funny, edgy, and socially perceptive.

That I enjoy Take A Joke America by Carlos Mencia a lot more this time has nothing to do with it being a clean version. After all, if you can survive a Don Tjernagel comedy CD, nothing will ever offend you again and I love Tjernagel, all four releases. Perhaps it is because I was more receptive this time around. Mencia is definitely a social commentator and his take on the hypocrisy of society and the politically correct world we live in is dead on. He is absolutely right when he says Nobody Can Take A Joke and then calls his audience on it, pushing them further and further into the ridiculousness of approaching everything with a PC yardstick.

All the tracks on this stand-up comedy CD are solid. Two Kinds of Mexicans is really about how there are two kinds of every sort of people, even white people and trailer trash. His bit on trailer trash continuing to live in tornado alley is not particularly original though he makes it funny and it is the only really standard comedy fare moment on this CD.

Carlos Mencia has an acerbic wit and caustic tongue and this beaner comic is at his best in the two Blame Everybody Else tracks. As a teacher, I very much enjoyed this stand-up comic’s take on education and how parents blame teachers for their own minimally gifted progeny. Blame Everybody Else Part 2 is a track any teacher should listen to when depressed and should be required listening at any parent-teacher conference.

Perhaps I appreciate Carlos Mencia and Take A Joke Mencia better now that I understood he is as much a Darwinist on stage as I am in real life. This is why I laughed really hard while listening to 1-800-DAHMER.  Mencia is part of a great tradition of stand-up comics whose comedy and humor comes from pointing out how silly people and society are.

If you are a sensitive soul, Carlos Mencia Take A Joke America, even the clean version on Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records, is not for you. If you can take a joke, this is a very good stand-up comedy CD. For those who tend to avoid comedy by Mexican comics because they use a lot of Spanish, Take A Joke, it’s not a problem here.

Take A Joke America
Carlos Mencia
Stand-up comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records 2006
55 minutes
Clean though politically incorrect version.

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