Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Kevin James, Keir O?Donnell, Jayma Mays, Adam Ferrara
Directed by Steve Carr
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

Mall Cop could have been a great comedy if someone hadn’t tried to toss in some chick flick elements. Once this DVD gets past the romantic interest and gets to the mall heist things get interesting, funny, and original. The advantage of watching Mall Cop on DVD is you can skip ahead to scene 12 with the knowledge the Kevin James character has the hots for the cute blonde in the bank

Kevin James of King of Queens, plays Paul Blart, a mall cop and single guy. Unfortunately for this comedy he falls in love with a cute salesgirl (Jayma Mays) and develops a romantic interest in her. Eventually, and not soon enough, a well-organized bunch of baddies shuts down the mall, holds up the bank using the customers as hostages, and also goes for the other stores. The local cops, including stand-up comic Adam Ferrara as the captain, are outside and their only ace in the hole and the mall is security guard Kevin James.

Mall Cop ends up being a fun movie. Kevin James is excellent in the title role and does some pretty good physical comedy from time to time. Keir O’Donnell makes a good bad guy, the story itself aside from the romantic interest is solid. There are some very original action scenes and stunts in this DVD.

Once the real story gets started, the movie is really good.


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