6Teen Deck The Malls
3 episode 1 DVD
Originally broadcast on Teletoon
Produced by Nelvana
kaBOOM! Entertainment 2006
65 minutes

I really like the 6Teen DVD series from kaBOOM! Entertainment. 6Teen Deck The Mall, the latest DVD 3 episode compilation has, as the title suggests, a Christmas episode. For those of you unawares, 6Teen is the cartoon about six teens who are best friends and all work at the local mall. Deck The Mall features the title episode in addition to Mr. Nice Guy and The Slow and Even-Tempered.

In the title episode of 6Teen Deck The Mall the gang feels the stress of the holiday season and starts bickering. They somehow end up locked in the mall on Christmas Day and find the true meaning of Xmas while stuck together. Deck The Mall is not going to make new converts to this Teletoon Nelvana cartoon and is not destined to be a Christmas classic but it is rather enjoyable.

The other two episodes on this 6Teen DVD are also from season one of the series. In Mr. Nice Guy Jonsey, the slacker, tries to get Wyatt, the coffee freak out of the doldrums and a double date but Wyatt outshines him. Jude gets convinced to explore his feminine side with the help of Caitlin and the advice of women’s magazines. This works on Jude so the girls try to convert Jonsey with the help of the self-help questions from the same teen girl mags and a Jude in drag.

The Slow and Even-Tempered has the always fired Jonsey working as a rent-a-cop at the mall and Jen stressed out because she has to pass her driver’s test. Jude decides to help her out by having her practice on an arcade driving game, Highspeed Manslaughter. This is the best episode on 6Teen Deck The Mall. The quick training Jonsey goes through is quite funny. Jude’s view of driving, that the reason drivers get in unsafe situations is because they are not used to driving unsafely is rather bizarre. The two stories tie in rather bizarrely in the end.

6Teen Deck The Mall is a fun 3 cartoon DVD the whole family can enjoy and that teens and tweens will especially like

Until January 31 2007 there is a contest associated with the kaBOOM! Entertainment release of 6Teen Deck The Mall. Find the easter egg (go to play all and use the left arrow to make the Santa green up arrow to make the Teletoon logo green press enter and you get the code for the online contest).

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