Fired Up!
Nicholas D’Agosto, Eric Christian Olsen, Saraj Roemer
Directed by Will Gluck
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
90 minutes

Fired Up is an excellent teen comedy DVD. The story in this jiggle giggle movie is fun, the humor is fresh and non-moronic, the characters are original and interesting, and the writing is good. When so many teen comedies fail because they try too hard, Fired Up! has a cool, laid back style that makes it an easy  to watch movie. That the characters in this movie are not portrayed as idiots is another reason to like it.

In Fired Up Nicholas D’Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen play Shawn and Nick, two high school football players who have scored a touchdown with pretty much everything that has pom poms at their high school. When they learn of the existence of cheerleading camp and the girl to guy ratio, they figure out there’s a whole new field on which to play.

The plan works and the guys sure do have something to cheer about at cheerleader camp, including a couple of on screem bare breasts. Since Fired Up also has a story, they get caught up in the team’s desire to win and a serious romance.

Part of the fun of this teen comedy DVD is references to other teen comedies. For example, there is a scene where everybody at cheerleading camp repeats the dialogue during a presentation of Bring It On.

Fired Up also works because it does not insult the viewer’s intelligence with fart jokes and the like too common to movies of a similar ilk. It also manages to tell a story you actually care about.

Special features on the Fired Up DVD include the usual lame commentary track, a decent enough blooper reel, a making of, and a couple of other short features.


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