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Marx Brothers  At the Circus (1939)
TCM Marx Brothers Greatest Classic Films
Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx
Directed by Edward Buzzell
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

At the Circus is one of four minor Marx Brothers comedies on the Turner Classic Movies Marx Brothers Greatest Classic Films 2 double-sided DVD 4 movie collection. The others are A Day at the Races –the better film here, Room Service, and A Night in Casablanca. At the Circus is still a fun comedy though in spite of musical number fillers. The print used here has visible specs and dust.

In this Marx Brothers Comedy Chico is working for a circus owned by a disinherited heir. The heir is under some financial strain he will soon fix by paying back the money he owes another man. Chico calls on an attorney named Loophole (Groucho Marx) and for some reason he brings Harpo along. The money gets stolen before the owner can pay his debt and the Marx Brothers investigate.

The setup allows for various circus jokes and numbers. Groucho sings Lydia the Tatoo Lady. Some of the routines are funny, a couple like the interrogation of the circus midget are overextended. The comic dialogue here is better than in two other Marx Brother comedies on this 2 DVD set namely Room Service and A Night in Casablanca.

Special features associated with this Marx Brothers comedy include a short and a classic cartoon. The other movies on this 2 DVD set  include vintage shorts and a cartoon. A Day at the Races also includes a commentary track by Marx Brothers Encyclopedia author Glenn Mitchell.

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