The Brothers Solomon
Will Arnett, Will Forte, Kristen Wiig
Directed by Bob Odenkirk
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
93 minutes

I can’t believe I enjoyed and how much I enjoyed The Brothers Solomon DVD. The premise on the movie’s jacket is not promising and a quote comparing The Brothers Solomon to comedies like Dumb and Dumber and Knocked Up really does not inspire confidence.

This comedy is smarter, more interesting, and far, far more original and unpredictable than either of those two movies.

The Brothers Solomon is about two guys, Will Arnett and Will Forte, raised in the arctic by their dad set out to get him a grandchild to fulfill the last wish he made before going into a coma. The movie works because it constantly makes all the right choices and very few of the punchlines are predictable.

It works because it is so eagerly and originally over the top in its comedy. A bad comedy will be over the top but obviously so but this one keeps adding to how far it can push a joke and get away with it.

The banner scene is a great example of that. At first it is funny, then it gets a little old and this is where most bad comedies would stop, but The Brothers Solomon keeps going and going and going with it until the length of the joke becomes the joke.

This comedy is a solid DVD also because of Will Arnett and Will Forte as the Solomon brothers. The eagerness, energy, innocence, and gosh gee whiz nature of their characters does not feel forced at all and this allows you to buy the premise they were raised in the arctic by their father and so have no clue about women and the world. Forte wrote this “battle of the Wills” to get a woman and he did a great job coming up with interesting secondary characters and some really great moments.

Goof:  watch for the now it’s there now it’s not there walkie-talkie near the monitor.

You’ll want to adopt the Brothers Solomon DVD.


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