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Marx Brothers ? A Night in Casablanca
TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection
Directed by Archie Mayo
2 double-sided DVD
Originally released 1946
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment 2010

A Night In Casablanca (1946) is one of the 4 Marx Brothers comedies in the Turner Classic Movies Marx Brothers Great Classic Films Collection. The other are the more famous A Day at the Races (1937), and 2 other B-movies Room Service (1938), and At the Circus (1939). A Night In Casablanca would be the penultimate Marx Brothers comedy. This 2 double-sided comedy DVD set is decent enough but does not feature the best Marx Brothers movies.

This Marx Brothers comedy is not one to win the group new fans. It is a decent enough movie with a rather loose story and a few good gags. When yet another manager at a Casablanca hotel is killed Groucho Marx gets the job. Chico is a local entrepreneur and and Harpo is the valet of the bad guy living at the hotel. Turns out the bad guy is a Nazi and the hotel is where a treasure was cached during the war. An American pilot out to defend his honor is part of the story.

A Night In Casablanca has its moments but none are really noteworthy or classics. The laughs here come from the usual Marx Brothers stuff like Groucho’s comebacks, Harpo’s mimicry, Chico’s conniving, and some decent slapstick. The one really decent bit involves the bad guy packing his trunks before he makes his escape.

This Marx Brothers comedy, part of the Turner Classic Movies Marx Brothers Greatest Classic Films 2 double-sided DVD set is full screen and has no special features.

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