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My Life in Ruins
Nia Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss, Harland Williams
Directed by Donald Petrie
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
95 minutes

Is My Life in Ruins really that bad? Quips like this Nia Vardalos comedy should be titled My Career in Ruins or that the oft repeated comment to Vardalos’ character “You’re not funny” were adlibs have been many. After watching My Life in Ruins on DVD I can add the jokes are as old as the buildings in the movie and this particular putdown of this romantic comedy. This is a halfway decent movie as in it gets decent halfway.

Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding plays Georgia, an American stuck in Greece being a tour guide. Her character of a tour guide who wears heels on the job is as authentic as Made in China souvenirs. One of the co-workers decides to make her lose her job even if she already gets the worst groups, the worst bus, and the weirdest driver: Poupi Kakas.

The tourists Georgia shows around Greece are even more cliché than the pictures most people take on vacation. Richard Dreyfuss, an annoying American actor, plays a seemingly annoying American tourist. Harland Williams plays a stupid American, the Australians are relatives of the crocodile hunter, the Brits right out of a Benny Hill clip, and the Canadians are so polite you don’t see them.

My Life in Ruins does get better exactly halfway through the DVD. That is where the characters stop being stereotypical and start to have personalities, the story goes for the romantic touch it was looking for, and some of the humor is actually funny enough. The ending is as forced as most of the scenes preceding it.

My Life In Ruins never achieves the poke mild fun at tourists romantic comedy it set out to be. Oh well.

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