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Starring: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman
Director: Robert Schwentke
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Run Time: 111 minutes

RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous) is everything a satire should be: Funny, irreverent and completely watchable. It helps of course that the cast is made up of extremely talented actors and actresses. The gifted and underrated Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses, a onetime CIA wet work specialist who has been mysteriously targeted for termination with extreme prejudice. Sara Ross the woman with whom he has struck up a telephone friendship (Mary Louise Parker of Weeds fame), who works for the retirement pension department,  has also been targeted and is reluctantly saved by the genial but deadly Willis. The cast of characters grows in this mystery cum road movie, as the comic stylings of John Malkovitch as Marvin Boggs a paranoid survivor of drug testing and CIA field work are added to the movie along with the supremely gifted Helen Mirren as Victoria (The Queen, Prime Suspect) playing a kind of Martha Stewart with a machine gun.

The premise of the movie, without spoiling it, is simple enough: Someone is trying to kill off old spies and it isn/’t about saving money for the pension fund. The result is a road trip and shoot out movie that has more laughs than you can imagine and the added benefit of a brief appearances by Morgan Freeman (yes God himself) and Richard Dreyfus. The body count is high, the jokes are frequent and the action is nonstop. All in all there is nothing to complain about with RED it is a definite must see and for Willis collectors (like myself) it will be a good addition to the DVD library.

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