Young Triffie
Fred Ewanuick, Mary Walsh, Andrea Martin
A film by Mary Walsh
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
89 minutes

Young Triffie, starring Fred Ewanuick (of Corner Gas) and the great Mary Walsh is a very dark and extremely funny comedy DVD that uses a mystery as background for many comic and absurd situations. Though the cover for the Young Triffie DVD makes it look like a family friendly movie, this mystery comedy is far too dark, somewhat gory and violent, and features a bit of nudity that makes it not so. It is, however, the dark comedy and everything that goes with it that make this Mary Walsh directed movie a gem of a DVD.

Ewanuick plays the very green Newfoundland Ranger Hepditch and gets to do countless pratfalls and find himself in many an embarrassing situation during his investigation of both a sheep disembowelment and the murder of a local orphan, young Triffie. This all takes place in 1947 Swyer’s Harbour, Newfoundland, a small village where everyone is a character and is hiding a secret or twelve. Mary Walsh is brilliant as the local and very nosey postmistress. Remy Girard is the town drunk doctor married to the very hot to trot Andrea Martin, tries to help Hepditch in his investigation.

Hepditch may be a competent and well-trained Newfoundland Ranger but he is under a lot of pressure: His commanding officer, Colin Mochrie -who really does phone in most of his performance-has no confidence in him so when the sheep disembowelment case turns into a homicide investigation he sends two Rangers to replace the young Ranger so Hepditch must solve the case before he is replaced. The fact the Ranger has never found a body of water he could not but fall into and Swyer’s Harbour is one very strange little village, even by Newfoundland standards, does not really help the situation but makes for a lot of comic moments. When Hepditch unwittingly becomes the target of the women’s auxiliary and the local parson’s anger, all hell breaks loose.

Young Triffie is a very strange mystery comedy DVD. If you like quirky movies with a stellar cast, great writing, original situations, very dark humour, and a lot of pratfalls, you will certainly enjoy this Mary Walsh project.


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