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Date Night
Steve Carell, Tina Fey
Directed by Shawn Levy
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Date Night Blu-ray is a fun fish out of water comedy starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey. They play Phil and Claire Foster, a forty something married with children couple from the burbs who go out on a date every Friday. When they learn one of their couple friends is going to divorce Fred and Claire start wondering if they too have become stale. To prove they have not, Fred decides that instead of dining at the local eatery they will dine in a fancy New York City restaurant. This is where everything goes wrong and this comedy really gets funny.

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The Fosters do not have dinner reservations so they pretend they are another couple, the Triplehorns. The Tripplehorns are not a nice couple from the burbs. They are wanted by two crooked cops looking for a zip drive aka a sticky thing. The Fosters soon find themselves completely on their own in the Big Apple with baddies after them. Soon, the good cops are after them too.

If they want to survive the evening they have to survive the bad cops, get the zip drive sticky thing and bring it to the mobster they think is looking for it.

This of course creates many funny situations.

The Blu-ray for this wild couple s comedy features the theatrical and extended by 14 minutes editions. Go for the theatrical version first. Date Night is somewhat disjointed and messy and the original version is tighter.

Special features on Date Night Blu-ray are Gag reel; Extended Car Chase; Directing Off Camera; Date Night PSAs (three versions); Directing 301 with Shawn Levy; Audio Commentary with Shawn Levy; Deleted Scenes; Extended Scenes; Disaster Dates with the Cast; Steve and Tina Camera Tests; Live Lookup; and Digital Copy

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