Killer Turkey, Lance Predmore, Lindsey Anderson
Written and directed by Jordan Downey
MVD Entertainment 2011

Thankskilling is a comedy horror film that promises tits in the first minute of the movie and delivers on that promise. This is a bad movie both on purpose and accidentally though making the difference is not always easy. Not that it really matters. Thankskilling is fun to watch if you are in the mood for something silly. Rumor has it there will be seconds aka Thankskilling 2 next year.

Five college students, a jock, a nerd, a good girl, a slut, and a big guy, hit the road home for Thanksgiving. Mechanical troubles force them to spend the night in the woods where the nerd tells the story of a curse involving a killer turkey. Of course, said killer turkey (a rubber hand puppet) shows up.

Unsuccessful the first night, killer turkey hitches a ride and follows the kids to their home town where it goes on a rampage. So as not to be recognized, killer turkey decides to wear Groucho glasses.

On the plus side, Thankskilling does not feature jokes and references only the cast and crew could possibly understand and director Jordan Downey does not spend any time showing how clever a director he could be if he had a bigger budget. The gore is more funny than scary though the big guy gets it in an interesting way.

Weak points to this horror comedy DVD are most of the acting, a funny slam “her legs are harder to shut than the Jon Benet case” that gets repeated as if it had never been said before, continuity problems, and the other usual low budget problems. What did you expect from a $3,500 movie?

Special features include a commentary track, blooper reel, fan art and a fan made song.


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