This review of Anthony Jeselnik’s comedy DVD  “Caligula” is essentially a supplement to my review of the Caligula CD and MP3 album.  So, please see that prior review for more information.

The DVD version is the same show as the CD version, and there are no “extended” or “bonus” bits of material available on the DVD.  However, if you are not already familiar with Jeselnik, your introduction to this comic will probably benefit from viewing the DVD rather than listening to the CD.  The reason for this is simple and, to fans of Jeselnik, rather obvious — that is, Jeselnik’s stage presence and almost ever-present smirk adds quite a bit of personality and context to the show.  As stated in the prior review, Jeselnik can say some pretty outrageous things.  Seeing that smirk on his face after the punchline is delivered lets you know that Jeselnik realizes the absurdity of what he just said, and actually serves to make the joke even funnier.

Although there is no bonus material from the show, there are a few bonus features on the DVD.  Namely, Comedy Central threw in Jeselnik’s bits from the Comedy Central Roasts of Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump and Roseanne Barr.  Anthony Jeselnik’s style lends itself quite nicely to the “roast” format, and these sets are excellent, so they form a nice little bonus.

This special is bound to be one of the best of 2013. It turned out to be:  Top 10 2013

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