Bill Burr Let It Go is an absolutely great stand-up comedy DVD.

There is not a single lull in this 65-minute performance. Burr is a high energy comic whose rants are as funny as they are accurate and original. We are giving away 2 copies of this comedy DVD and you owe it to yourself to enter our most difficult award process which is to send us your name.

Burr opens his show with a plea for a plague to wipe out the morons. His simile to how nature works is superb and his depiction of gridlock on the Serengeti is brilliant. This stand-up comic’s fans will recognize part of the Oprah – motherhood is not the world’s most difficult job but there is a whole lot more to the routine and it is still funny as hell.

Perhaps my favorite bit on this stand-up comedy DVD is the Black and White order of curse words. Few comics can do verbal observational comedy and this in my opinion too short bit is a great one. This is perhaps my favorite bit only because there are so many other solid ones.

The corporate chain conspiracy to make the customer do all the work is also excellent.

I did find myself wishing Bill Burr had done more with the idea the key to being happy in your forties is not going home for the holidays. On the other hand, he only had 65 minutes and a lot of great material so there you go.

Other great comedy routines on this DVD include suicidal or lazy, sensitive or fag, why men die young, and the joy of toddlers.

Bill Burr Let It Go closes with two very strong routines. The first on adopting a pitbull from a shelter is a very funny long form bit. The closer on why old guys look so spastic is one of those bits you just have to show your friends.

Let It Go
Bill Burr
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2010
65 minutes

Bill Burr Let It Go.

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