Bill Burr is a traditional, observational comedian who makes jokes about mundane, everyday things, and he does it quite well.  Like most observational stand-up, his set on Let It Go  thrives on human stupidity and laziness blended with his own and personal stories.  He has a bit of an angry style though he’s never so angry that it’s a turn-off.  It just seems like he easily gets peeved at things; he even admits having a problem containing his anger.

A large portion of the material on this stand-up comedy DVD is from a common guy’s perspective.  Early on in Let It Go Bill Burr mocks the notion that being a mother is the hardest job in the world (“You play hide and seek all day, you’re living the dream!”), and feeling emasculated by the guy at the sandwich shop asking if he wants a cookie.  But the best of these bits, and probably the best bit of the DVD is when he talks about how anything a guy does that’s even remotely sensitive classifies causes his friends to call him a fag.  It perfectly sums up how guys treat each other and tease them over the stupidest things.

Bill Burr also loves to comment on how some things just don’t make sense, like automated check-out machines at grocery stores and people not fully understanding what racism is.

There are a couple of moments when the jokes just don’t work, but for the most part, Bill Burr keeps the audience entertained in this stand-up comedy show.  There are many points that make you laugh out loud, and a few parts that will have you laughing hard.

The biggest problem with this Bill Burr DVD is that there’s nothing truly remarkable about it; nothing in it lingers with you after you watch it. Still, it is hard to really fault Bill Burr  for that. Let It Go is still a really funny DVD that most people will enjoy.

Let It Go
Bill Burr
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2010
65 minutes

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