Bo Burnham is certainly an original. His mix of musical and stand-up comedy is unlike anything you have heard or seen before. Burnham is also the kind of artist you either get or don’t. Words Words Words, Burnham’s first hour-long Comedy Central special airs October 16th  and will be available on DVD or CD immediately after that. The Bo Burnham CD includes two studio tracks, Words, Words, Words and Oh Bo while the DVD will feature the videos for those two songs as special features.

There is no doubt Bo Burnham is a talented comic and musician. He does a little of everything from surreal observational comedy to a very old bit about if Mickey is a mouse and Goofy a dog what is Pluto? Burnham has a scattershot approach so there are as many hits as near misses. Some of the jokes make sense, some do not, and some really do impress.

Burnham has the only set if dick jokes Sheldon or Leonard of  The Bing Bang Theory would really appreciate. Also excellent is the statistics bit.

Stand-up comedy fans will appreciate the various digs at traditional stand-up, There are three such bits in Words, Words, Words and all three are dead on slams on hack stand-up.

Bo Burnham Words Words Words is slightly blue, adult oriented material.

Am I the only person who thinks Bo Burnham and Fred Figglehorn are dopplegangers?

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Words, Words, Words
Bo Burnham
Stand-Up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2010

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