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Blue Mountain State Season One
Darin Brooks, Sam Jones III, Chris Romano
13 episodes 2 DVD
Lionsgate 2010

Blue Montain State is a Spike TV football situation comedy any guy will like. It is fun, rude, lewd, crude, but not stupid. The show certainly deserves better than the Wednesdays 11 P.M. slot but the occasional nudity and many sexual escapades probably explain that. Season 2 premieres October 20th at 11 on Spike TV. Blue Mountain State Season One is a 13 episode 2 DVD sitcom set any football fan will enjoy.

Blue Mountain State is the story of three freshmen. Alex is the clever and talented slacker who is quite happy being the second-string quarterback (all the chicks without the hits). His best friend Sammy has joined him at the college and schemes his way into being the team mascot. Craig Shilo is the future Heisman Trophy running back with a very calculating girlfriend. The Blue Mountain State Goats are led by musclehead Thad Castle who is at least 10 yards short a football field.

This male oriented situation comedy focuses on the events and parties around the football team. One such event is the theft of Thad’s Pocket Pussy, another is the team trying to seduce a kid with a golden arm to sign up for next year, the mascots being goatnapped by a rival college, a drinking marathon, and quitting drinking cold turkey.

This sitcom is often compared to famous frathouse or college comedies and the comparison is accurate to a point. Blue Mountain State does not dumb down the laughs.

Look for Ed Marinaro (Hill Street Blues) as the coach of the Goats.

I was somewhat stunned to see this situation comedy is my tax dollar at work as the Quebec Government funds this show filmed at John Abbott College in Montreal.

Special features for Blue Mountain State Season One are deleted scenes, Making the Squad: the Cheerleaders of BMS, and Making the Squad, a PiP commentary track for a couple of scenes.


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