Not For the Easily Offended
Carlos Mencia
Studioworks Entertainment
65 minutes plus extras
Parental Advisory? Well, duh!

Never has a comedy DVD been so aptly titled. Not For The Easily Offended is exactly that. Carlos Mencia goes after every possible social group and does it with a razor sharp wit and laser accurate observation skills. This is a 65-minute take no prisoners, everybody is basically deserving of ridicule, rapid-fire show.

Mencia covers every possible comedic topic in this set. From Michael Jackson, Siegfried and Roy, crazy white people, lowering the standards for retarded people, news for the stupid, to living on the American border, cultural and social standards, racial profiling, ending with a very funny and caustic series of Arabic versions of commercials because, as he says, America is in the Middle East to stay.

This stand-up comic has no patience for anything and anyone. He skewers everybody, especially white people but does so only after going after everybody else so that the white audience has to take it. Watching this excellent standup comedy DVD, you will quickly realize how intelligent an artist Mencia has to be to be able to get away with all of the attack jokes he uses and how well the material is organized. Many off-color comics are aggressive because it is an easy laugh and a quick buck but the content is not really there. This is most certainly not the case here. There is a point behind all of this negative and offensive humour and you have to be able to follow along to get what is behind the jokes.

His basic take is that we are all immigrants to America and survival of the fittest is a mighty fine rule to live by and those who do not agree are those who are unfit to survive. His take on the lowering standards in education, how parents fail to raise their children anymore, how society is hypocritical when it comes to racism, profiling, and its policies, and how we use language to obfuscate reality so as not to offend the less than average is always on point.

Another reason this comedy DVD is not for the easily offended is that there is absolutely no chapter selection on it. There is no way you can find your favorite bit without fastforwarding through the entire bloody show. The bonus material is basic filler about a day in Carlos Mencia‘s life as a comic. Still, this is a kick ass comedy show.


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