The Naughty Show Bad Girls Of Comedy
Stella Stolper, Lisa Ann Walter, Kate Rigg,
Shayma Tash, Robin Montague, Kim Cea
Eagle Media / Eagle Rock Entertainment 2005
148 minutes

The Naughty Show features the bad girls of comedy: Stella Stolper, Lisa Ann Walter, Kate Rigg, Shayma Tash, Robin Montague, Kim Cea. These are female stand-up comics who tell dirty jokes and lots of sex jokes. The show was filmed in a small theater that, unfortunately for the female comics on this stand-up comedy DVD, looks half empty more than half full. This creates a certain lack of audience energy that perhaps influences the overall quality of the show and, in the end, makes this a decent collection of blue female comedians doing a cold show. The fact this show was taped by a porn star turned director most definitely does not help (more on that later).

First up is Kim Cea who also acts as MC for the show. Her forte is her ability to imitate Cher and she more than milks it. Cea also indulges in the standard dirty jokes about private parts and so on which do get a few laughs. This is basically facile comedy material but she does a decent job with it.

Shayma Tash also indulges in a lot of sex jokes (no surprise, this is a naughty show) but her take on that material is funnier than most. There are also a lot of funny jokes about sex toys, a very good line that goes “A penis is like Thanksgiving dinner, there’s always room for more.” and an interesting but uneven bit having to do with Robert DeNiro, Fran Drescher, Gilbert Gottfried, Julia Roberts, Joan Rivers, and Joe Pesci being on Survivor. The Survivor setting itself is but a crutch for her imitations and not really used aside from the name Survivor. They are generally pretty good although the Julia Roberts is not even close.

Next up on The Naughty Show, Bad Girls Of Comedy is Stella Stolper with some married people oriented material. She covers Gay Pride parades, dating, Costco, looks and waxing (there are lots of references to waxing on this stand-up comedy DVD) and advice on how to keep your man. Her joke about role-playing is very funny and original.

Robin Montague is up next and this is where The Naughty Show picks up. Montague delivers a tight set that shows you do not have to do crotch jokes to be naughty. Her smooth transitions from Osama to Tupac, deaf people, her young boyfriend, having babies, black nannies, Scott Petersen and white guys killing their wives which segues nicely into marital advice to white girls. Of course, no Black comic, or no comic for that matter, can do a set without bringing up Michael Jackson and his weird family. Unfortunately, the last, short bit about Diana Ross does not work.

Kate Rigg, a Caucasian Asian, promises an all pussy joke set but goes for jokes about her Asian mother, having an Australian father and Asian mother, and albinos. She does deliver on the pussy jokes with the various names Australians have for it. This, by the way, is where director Skye Blue most annoying choice of cutting from the set to some backstage and pre-show black and white hand held camera footage is most annoying because it is obvious the flow of Kate Rigg’s set was totally destroyed and you even get the feeling parts of it were cut out.

Headliner Lisa Ann Walter, of Bruce Almighty and War of the Worlds, starts off he set on this stand-up comedy DVD with a very funny joke about not being famous enough to have people interested in her porn tape being on the net, an interesting celebrity yardstick indeed. Her take on Beverly Hills and Hollywood’s plastic surgery women is mean and very funny. Although her bit on the female celebrities she wants dead does not work, Lisa Ann Walter moves on to how all prom queens move to L.A. and how porn stars all shop at Whole Foods because they watch what they eat. Her best bit is the names women should give to masturbation.

The major weakness of The Naughty Show, Bad Girls Of Comedy is the job porn star and porn director Skye Blue did. She chose to interrupt the stand-up acts with black and white footage from the green room or short bits filmed here and there featuring the comic on stage. The jump cut may be very useful when you are doing an adult film but in the world of stand-up comedy the money shot is the stand-up comedienne’s act and not the fooling around backstage. This very much makes for a limp comedic experience and these inserts do not work at all –adult movies may be about inserts, comedy DVDs are not. It is also obvious the camera crew (hired from an adult movie studio?) was not ready for this show so, for example, when comedienne Shayma Tash does a physical and visual comedy bit about line dancing the camera only catches up to her joke when it is almost over. Also, the sound quality is a bit uneven even within a set, something that has always been a pet peeve. If you want to know what director Skye Blue looks like, there are, I think, many shots of her in the audience laughing (she’s the blonde sitting next to the comatose looking guy).

Extras include interviews with the various stand-up comics, a short bit of opening act Danny Bevins, and interviews with the beefcake that decorated the show.


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