Denis Leary and Friends Present Douchebags and Donuts is an hour and a half Comedy Central special and part benefit performance for Leary s Firefighters Foundation.

It is also an entertaining stand-up comedy DVD with Leary and guests Lenny Clarke, Whitney Cummings, and Adam Ferrara. Hey, there’s even a ditty or two. This is most certainly not a DVD for the easily or even not that easily offended.

Douchebags and Donuts opens with a song about the Catholic church and its love for children. Leary then takes the stage for some stand-up. He covers some recent enough news, celebrities who got caught doing something, our obsession with prescription drugs and their side effects, and various modern fashions such as manscaping. Leary is good but does not bring much new to the topics.

Whitney Cummings is next. She is a very good adult comic with a good bit on the sexual habits of men and women and the penis. She is funny but a bit shrill.

Leny Clarke is all over the place with jokes about losing weight, a very adult show, texting, kids today. He is not the highlight of the show.

Leary and the band then do another tune, douchebag. It is quite good.

Adam Ferrara closes the show. I’ve always liked Ferrara and he does a good relationship bit including some original stuff on the real meaning of a wedding ring, why men shake and don’t dab. It would have been nice if Ferrara had gotten more stage time.

Denis Leary and Friends present Douchebags and Donuts closes with the Asshole song.

Special features on this Leary DVD are the Fuck You song,  a supposedly traditional Irish ditty, and a couple of clips from the road

Douchebags and Donuts
With Lenny Clarke, Whitney Cummings
Adam Ferrara
Stand-up comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2011

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