Rules of Engagement Season 4
Patgrick Warburton, Megyn Price, David Spade
13 Episodes 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

Rules of Engagement is a very good couples situation comedy starring Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price. The show focuses on two couples, one that has been married for ten or so years and one on the verge of getting married and a couple of their friends. It is hard to understand why The Rules of Engagement only gets half season runs but at the same time it probably makes for a better sitcom overall. The Complete Season Four features 13 episodes on 2 DVD.

The show centers on Jeff and Audrey. Jeff is a man’s man kind of guy and Audrey has a job of her own. Their friends and neighbors Adam and Jennifer are going to get married soon. In the beginning Rules of Engagement was about Jeff and Audrey showing Adam and Jennifer what it was like to be a couple for a long time but the show has evolved into an ensemble piece that also includes Russell (David Spade) who works with Adam and since last season Russell’s assistant Timmy.

In many ways the episodes in The Complete Fourth Season are standard situation comedy stuff. Russell talks Jeff into flirting with a co-worker and Audrey finds out. Adam is getting cold feet about the upcoming nuptials. Timmy is sent on yet another sleazy mission for his lady chasing boss. One partner tries to top or outdo another partner in something or other.

The thing is Rules of Engagement works. The acting is solid enough even David Spade looks good and the writing though not brilliant is solid and reliable.

If the show has a weakness is it tries to pack in too much story in one episode. This means some elements such as a nurse thinking Jeff gave Audrey a black eye on purpose or Timmy becoming everyone s lucky charm at an Atlantic City casino get too short shrift.

Story developments for season 4 include Jeff and Audrey trying for a baby, wedding plans, and Timmy meeting his bride to be.

Special features of some kind would have been nice.
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