Whitney Cummings Money Shot is an excellent stand-up comedy album.

If you are not certain what a Money Shot is, this Whitney Cummings DVD is not for you. If you do understand the reference, you are really going to enjoy the material from her Comedy Central special. There is a lot more than sex jokes on Money Shot but that is what the comic opens with and what really stays with you.

Cummings tackles sex topics with the irreverence of a self-assured woman and the confidence of Ron Jeremy. Ten minutes of that and Cummings segues into relationship comedy. It is a genre and she manages to make it sound fresher and funnier than average. Although I wish she had not revealed that “the silent treatment is not a punishment”, her explanations of various female traits is quite funny and informative.

Another good bit is the one about how women are not prepared for the real world while growing up. Cummings then goes for more relationship comedy but this time about the early days of a relationship, bachelorette parties, and the wedding.

Other good bits on this stand-up comedy DVD are about Twilight and the vampire fashion and men and sports where Cummings again adds a few new takes to an old topic.

The last ten minutes or so of Whitney Cummings DVD are also more adult humor including a pro porn bit that has a couple of good call backs. They also include a very funny anti romantic comedy rant.

Money Shot closes with a take on the various torture devices men invented like thoing underwear, heels, breast implants and so on.

Just to be bitchy; the red lipstick is a bit too much.

Money Shot Live and Uncensored
Whitney Cummings
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2011
48 minutes

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