The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guests include Steve Martin, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Ray Romano
2 DVDs
27 clips and monologues disc
Warner Home Video 2006

DVD-licious, a greatest hits compilation from the first two seasons of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, shows it is possible to put together the best moments of a talk show without boring anyone. The trick is not only to put some of the best interviews but only the best bits from the best interviews.

The second disc in The Ellen DeGeneres Show DVD-licious is a so-called bonus disc of the best bits from the best monologues. There is no menu scene selection for this one but you can move from clip to clip with the remote.

The first disc in The Ellen DeGeneres Show DVD-licious features 27 clips from the first three seasons of the show. Watching these clips it is easy to see why Ellen has managed to last in a world where everybody once had their own talk show and most died a slow, painful death.

She is engaging, funny, able to match wits with her guests, is probably the only talk show host who did not get upstaged by an orangutan (clip 4), and is not as cloying as Rosie.

Of the best of on this two DVD set, my personal favorites are the bits with the great Steve Martin though I have no idea why his one guest appearance had to be divided into three segments instead of simply showing the whole thing.

Of the weakest, aside from the kid prodigy clip, is the Jim Carrey bit where all you see is Carrey riding a bike and falling on his ass. Also a lot of fun is the clip with Ellen working at See’s Candies.

Also very enjoyable is the long bit where Ellen DeGeneres goofs off at a Lenscrafters. This is a good bit involving a lot of improve, especially when she gives an older gentleman a combination eye exam and physical. Whoever sets up the p.r. at this company scored a bonanza and probably got a corner office out of it. The driving school bit is seemingly shown in full so a bit long.

I do not know if driving around cones with raw eggs on them is standard practice but it sure is funny to watch. The scary thing is I really think the students Ellen taught now drive in my neighborhood.

Other good clips from the Ellen DeGeneres show on this DVD is New York’s Smallest Apartment (and they are really not kidding!). DVD-licious also includes Ellen playing pr person as she and Gwyneth Paltrow go door-to-door promoting Paltrow’s new movie Proof and invite themselves in.

Though there are a couple too many cute kid clips here, DVD-licious is an original way to release a talk show on DVD. This is a very watchable if perhaps ephemeral best of DVD.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is syndicated to all the networks so it may be on ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox depending on the market. Check your local listings.


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