I’m Not Okay
Ken Davis
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Crown Video
55 minutes

Though the Ken Davis I’m Not Okay stand-up comedy DVD shows its tape origins somewhat, it is the kind of comedy the whole family can safely enjoy together. Davis is a clean, Christian comic and though he may not be the most original comedian ever he is quite talented, laid back but energetic at the same time, and funny.

If Christian comedy is an oxymoron for some, Davis shows it is quite possible to do stand-up and slip in a couple of God references here and there without the audience getting the feeling you are getting preached at. One of my favorite bits on I’m Not Okay is his bit on how Sunday and church going can quite a hassle. If you have ever been in the car on your way to church you will certainly recognize yourself in this routine.

This stand-up comedy DVD begins with a rather old story about reviving the neighbor’s rabbit after your rotweiller has brought it home and returning it to its pen but Davis gets original after that with routines on airbags and taking the elevator -though I think he could have done a bit more with the latter. What makes Davis effective as a comedian is his self-deprecating style that allows the audience to laugh at him while recognizing their own foibles.

Another really good moment on this DVD is My Wife’s Not Okay about her asking him to go check out the weird sound in the garage. He also adds an original bit to the Michigan map in your hand standard. What I also like about Ken Davis is his ability to tie some short jokes together without much effort.

Ken Davis I’m Not Okay is good, funny, family friendly comedy. This is not always easy to find but trust me on this: anyone can enjoy this comedy DVD. It does end with a message but that is to be expected and it is not hammered in.


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