All Over The Map
Jeff Dunham
Comedy Blu-ray or DVD
Comedy Central 2014

Jeff Dunham All Over the Map follows the famed ventriloquist on a world tour. Each segment of the show usually has a bit of local colour, a bit of the act, and an ask Achmed a question closer. It makes for a very entertaining if formulaic show. Viewers have the option of the uncensored or bleeped version of the performances.  At the end of this show, Dunham shows he has balls when he does something daring during the Malaysian show.

Dunham is certainly all over the map. There are segments taped in Iceland, Norway, Ireland, England, Scotland, the UAE, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Many of the shows are structured as Jeff telling a puppet a factoid about the place and the puppet making a funny comment, some interaction with someone in the front row, and sometimes an ask Achmed a question session.  The star of most segments is Achmed. There is unfortunately no segment with Jose Jalapeno.

Dunham is a great artist but I’ve often questioned some of his humor. There are some questionable jokes in this show too: Bubba J says he milked a goat and Achmed thought he was messing with his girlfriend; in the United Arab Emirates show Walter says, “We may live in Hollywood but don’t worry, we are not Jews.”; in Israel Achmed says it is a good thing the Jews run the banks because the Palestinians have the West Bank and look what they did with it. I do not think I am being overly sensitive – that would be a first– more than uncomfortable with how he gets a very cheap laugh.

The segment in Malaysia is really special. You have to give it to Dunham for the solution he came up with to the problem he encountered. It is very imaginative.

Special features are five short segments The better two are  the warning Dunham got in Malaysia and how he came up with the solution.


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