Jeff Dunham Minding the Monsters is a brilliant stand-up comedy Blu-ray or DVD.

This from someone who is not really a fan of this ventriloquist. This show benefits from a Hallowe’en theme and really cool haunted mansion set that give Dunham and his puppets creative entrances. The show comes in a bleeped and unbleeped version but both have a few very adult references to things like golden showers and sheep.

This Jeff Dunham DVD opens with Dunham doing about fifteen minutes of pure stand-up. He is without any puppet and it is the best part of the show.

Walter made up as Frankenstein is a great idea that makes the rather worn character a lot more interesting. There is what I found to be an objectionable joke about Dr. Frankenstein being Jewish (he only dug up bodies to same money).

The annoying Bubba J is also more interesting as Dracula.

Aside from the stand-up bit, the highlight of Minding the Monsters is Peanut as Batnut and Jose Jalapeno as Ruben. Peanut and Jose are usually Dunham’s best conduit and it is true again here.

Ahmed the Terrorist closes the show as a blonde bombshell. The costume allows the character to let his hair down and be less aggressive. He too has a bit of an odd Jewish reference but maybe I am a bit oversensitive when it comes to Dunham.

The short movies between each character are also cool.

Special features for this Jeff Dunham Blu-ray include a very good blooper reel and an audio commentary.

The Easter Egg on the Blu-ray available by clicking right after Special Features. This highlights a frame in the top right hand corner for a joke.

If you like Jeff Dunham and ventriloquists, you will love Terry Fator

Minding the Monsters
Jeff Dunham
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records and Paramount 2012
80 minutes

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