This 2011 Jeff Dunham stand-up comedy DVD is almost one of the two good ones.

Dunham leaves redneck Bubba J, and Black racist stereotype Sweet Daddy Dee in the trunks they should never have left in the first place. This hour and a half Comedy Central stand-up comedy special opens with Dunham telling his story and illustrating it with embarrassing family pictures. He then brings on the puppets that really work well with him: Walter, Peanut and Jose Jalapeno on a steek, and Achmed the dead terrorist. The DVD features both a bleeped and unbleeped version; this does not mean this is a family friendly show.

First up is Walter. He is his usual curmudgeony self. Walter is always a good bet for some laughs.

He is followed by Achmed the Dead Terrorist. I am not partial to Achmed but this is his best set ever. There is also a moment where Jeff Dunham and Achmed experience some rather embarrassing technical difficulties and Dunham makes the most of it. The set ends with Dunham introducing a new character: Achmed junior.

There is a very clumsy cutaway to the last part of the show with perennial favorite Peanut. This is where this Jeff Dunham DVD comes to a crashing and racist halt.

Something happened to Peanut and he is no longer funny and innocent. Peanut does an India Indian vs Native American bit before going for an even more racist Chinese bit. It is only after doing that bit that Dunham mentions an email he supposedly got from someone that was offended by that very same bit at a previous show. He then makes fun of the email by having Peanut read the message in every racist “Chinee” accent imaginable.

Jeff Dunham says he will send the person who sent him the email a copy of the DVD. I hope he is smart enough to cut out the Peanut bit.

Somebody should sneak up to Jeff Dunham, kick him in the ass, and say “Smarten up!”  This kind of comedy can be excellent without sinking to the lower depths of racism and ignorance. Just check out Terry Fator

Special features on this Jeff Dunham DVD are: Bubba J Winery Tour; Outtakes;The Necklace; Share the Hair; Flirting with Victoria; Tour Opens; Dunham Goes Global; Photo Shoot; Making of the Achmedmobile

Controlled Chaos
Jef Dunham
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2011

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