What Are You Laughing At
Flip Schultz
Independent Release
Stand-up Comedy DVD

What Are You laughing At!? shows that if you are good enough a stand up comedian to put together a long set, have a couple of cameras and an editing program, you too can produce a very good and funny stand-up comedy DVD of your live concert. This DVD proves that comedy does lose a bit when filmed in a fancy theatre in front of a fancy crowd like HBO likes to do. This is live and raw footage warts, hecklers and all.

This DVD is basically the visual version of Superdork!, the indie CD Flip Schultz released in 2004. The DVD was filmed in Florida in front of a very appreciative sold-out crowd. This being an independent release live stand-up comedy DVD, you get the full club experience including the waitress walking in front of you a couple of times -this, however, does not become a problem. Using three cameras, one slightly out of focus unfortunately, Flip Schultz does an hour or so long very funny set that covers politics in Florida, the very funny but dark Afghanistand-Up Comic, his observational and relationship humor, and a great take on the foibles of modern society such as reality shows and video shows. The show closes with a reprise of the ending to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

This stand-up comic is not only generous on stage. The DVD includes as extras a clip of his Harrods and Arnold Schwarzenegger bit as well as a less interesting bit on infomercials. Other Extras includes sketches Flip Schultz wrote for Flippin Through The Channels.

If you want to see a really good stand-up comic and experience a real comedy club experience, What Are You laughing At!? is one hell of a stand-up comedy DVD.


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