Ross Bennett is so old … How old is he? … He paid extra for a new mattress because he knew it would be his deathbed. Not If You Were The Last Man On Earth is a solid through and through comedy download album or CD by a comic in full control of his talents. Bennett covers lots of comedy ground on this release and does this elegantly and almost seamlessly. For some reason, Amazon lists a third of the tracks on this album as explicit but if they are I really did not notice so they must be mildly so.

Pay attention, Bennett is not a comic you can listen to as background to driving or something like that. You really have to pay attention to what he is saying to get the full effect of the joke.

Not If You Were The Last Man on Earth’s best bits, in my opinion, include Bennett disagreeing with the pastor when he says in a eulogy He Died Doing What He Loved. This stand-up comic also excels in very short bits such as the one about the lady who was arrested after not paying for her 12 thousand dollar Botox bill. I won’t reveal the punch line but it is funny as hell yet so bloody obvious.

His solution to the Mid-East problem is based on what happened between Irelan and Northern Ireland.
As a Canadian, I really enjoyed his sort of rant about Canadian change in Washington Was a Transvestite

The highlight for me on this comedy download or CD is the bonus track The Professional Gospel Wrestling Hour a bit about his grandmother with a great kicker: his grandmother is watching professional wrestling and he is watching Old Time Gospel Hour and Ross Bennett switches from one channel to another.

Ross Bennett is a comic I would not hesitate to go see live. He delivers from beginning to end on this comedy download and show.

Not If You Were The Last Man On Earth!
Ross Bennett
Comedy download or CD
Stand Up! Records 2018

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