I Swear to God, Jim Jefferies stand-up comedy DVD is most certainly not for those who are indisposed by adult language and adult topics.

The subtitle, heaven help us, is a joke in itself as Jefferies opens his HBO special with the comedy equivalent of Sympathy for the Devil and even suggests heaven might be hell. This is just the opening segment of the show.

Australian, and British comic sort of, Jefferies, is known for tackling controversial subjects. Comics like that are a dime a dozen. What makes Jefferies better than the rest is he is also wickledly smart. Shock comedy or adult comedy is only as good as the brain behind it and that is certainly not a problem here.

The masterpiece on this Jim Jefferies stand-up comedy DVD certainly is the 4’7” Jesus and other religious stories. This is irreverent and funny as hell. Jefferies briefly pokes fun at a couple more religions before moving on.

Other bits include a short smoking and drinking routine that somehow segues into burn victims and going to nightclubs. It closes with a brilliant bit on two young boys finding a vibrator.

The next segment involves some autobiographical material. The bit about the elephant and his mother is a classic.

Jim Jefferies goes back to much more adult material including a long bit on nice girls versus sluts and a series of cunt jokes. The bit on fake orgasm is also funny as hell.

I Swear to God closes with an excellent and very adult oriented bit on sex toys and a vibrating egg where the sun don’t shine.

I Swear to God
Jim Jefferies
Stand-up comedy DVD
HBO 2009
60 minutes

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