Kathleen Madigan s latest stand-up comedy Blu-ray features a slightly more thought provoking and topical show than what her core audience is used to.

Gone Madigan is also her best show to date. The comic is at the top of her game and her mix of observational and topical comedy is perfectly balanced.

The structure of Gone Madigan is quite simple: A somewhat serious look at a topical subject followed by lighter fare. The show opens with a routine about her USO tour, a too short bit  about what if her parents were on active duty, a very good Hillary and Obama piece and an again too short story about touring a Mormon temple in Utah.

Kathleen Madigan Gone Madigan also features a very funny and pointed take on Oprah and a light slam on Sarah Palin.

I am a bit baffled by the dust cover blurb “Finally a comedian who isn t whining, insulting, or self-loathing” yet I understand the idea behind it: Gone Madigan is straightforward let’s have a good time laughing at things and not take ourselves too seriously comedy. This is always welcome.

This stand-up comedy show does sag a bit in the middle with some fairly generic material about various TV shows. Madigan still makes it funny but this is run of the mill stuff.

The show picks up immediately after that with a solid autobiographical bit involving being Irish and her family. Her NBA Cares joke is on you will want to repeat as your own.

The rest of Gone Madigan is about how Kathleen Madigan is bad at dealing with every day things like taxes and so on, the conflict between healthy and unhealthy habits, old ladies in casinos, and why having an affair with 40 year old women is a better idea.

Kathleen Madigan brings her A game to Gone Madigan.

Special features on this stand-up comedy Blu-ray are a Behind the Scenes and an Interview. Not much

Gone Madigan
Kathleen Madigan
Stand-up Comedy Blu-ray
Image Entertainment 2011
64 minutes

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