Is It Just Me?
Ken Davis
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Crown Video
60 minutes

Christian comedian Ken Davis wins the stand-up comic with the funniest looking hat contest on Is It Just Me?, one of his stand-up comedy DVDs. Since he is in Wisconsin, he shows up as a cheesehead and then wears an even weirder version of this highly questionable fashion statement. It is obvious Ken Davis is not afraid of making fun of himself: this is his forte and the reason Is It Just Me? works for me after the first few minutes.

The opening credits and first few minutes of Is It Just Me? will probably make a comedy fan wonder if this DVD is stand-up comedy. It opens with God Bless America and a dedication to Davis’ father and, once Ken Davis hits the stage, a conservative rant on the American flag.  Since Davis does that in a style reminiscent of a Sunday morning TV preacher and the room is fully lit like this was a service you kind of start wondering where’s the comedy. The answer to that question is in the next 53 minutes.

Davis is, of course, a family and audience friendly comic. He begins his show with one of the better bits on fishing shows I have heard and then has a couple of very funny routines where he makes fun of his lack of athletic ability. His talent for physical comedy really adds to the material. The Who Has A Dog and Nose Hair Clippers bits are pretty good; the audience interaction in the former makes it that much funnier.

Men and Women is standard fare in comedy and Davis’ take on the topic is not ground breaking but still fun. He is much more original when he talks about the birth of his granddaughter and how she has him wrapped around his finger. This also sets up a pretty good bit on shopping with his wife -his sound effects are excellent-and a really good callback to a previous joke. The last bit on this stand-up comedy DVD, Kialee’s Picture, about his granddaughter, is a bit weak.

Overall, this stand-up comedy DVD is really good, clean fun. There are a couple of bits, such as the bug situation in Tennessee, I wish had been expanded a bit more but it is hard to complain as this is definitely fun to watch.

Not everybody is into cutting edge, controversial, or blue comedy and finding something that is both funny and safe can be difficult. The safe is the easy part; it’s the funny that is harder to find. Ken Davis Is It Just Me? manages both easily.


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