Jason Stuart is good. Very good. Gay Comedy Without A Dress is the wildest, fastest paced and funniest stand-up comedy CD I have heard in a while. This guy is lightning quick and very funny. Gay Comedy Without A Dress could also have been titled gay comedy without a net; I have rarely heard a comedy cd where the stand-up comic interacts with the audience so constantly. This is a favorite feature of mine as I see it as working without a net and without a learned set. Jason Stuart just goes out there and lets you in on everything. A bit of advice though, if you are lucky enough to catch Jason Stuart live but do not want to become part of the show or the target of a funny joke do not sit close to the stage or anywhere this guy can make eye contact with you.

It’s always been a bit of an issue here at the serious comedy site if the approach towards an independent release comedy CD should be a little more generous. The general consensus is no: funny is funny, not funny is not funny. This is not a problem for Gay Comedy Without A Dress. The only problem I have with Jason Stuart as a stand-up comic is he is a little too fast-paced sometimes so a funny joke gets garbled. Nothing a couple more listenings won’t fix, and I will definitely be listening to this cd again.

Another thing I really like about Jason Stuart Comedy Without A Dress is although this is an unabashedly gay comic and most jokes are about being gay there’s a lot more to it. All of the comic’s family is here, including is 92-year-old grandmother, his orthodox Jew sister, and very weird mother. Even Disney becomes the target of a funny joke or two and, well, okay, maybe Tarzan is hot. Buy this funny comedy CD, give it to your gay friend, your straight friend, anyone who likes great stand-up comedy.

You should also check out Jason Stuart in 10 Attitudes, a very different relationship comedy.

Gay Comedy Without A Dress
Jason Stuart
stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release

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