It’s Weird, Man. Well, no. It’s funny, man is more appropriate for this independent release stand-up comedy CD by Eric Riley Moore. This Boston comic brings something new to the table and does it very well.

The comedian starts off strong with a really good bit on how things are not pronounced the way they are written. This is especially true in Massachusetts.

Moore also has the necessary weird outlook on life that makes for good stand-up. He also has the only routine on mock turtle soup and turtle stampedes I have heard.

Also original is his bit on having a young child.

If there is one thing I have to say against Eric Riley Moore is he does a little ditty on Allah that will never leave your head. It’s been four days and it is still playing around my brain.

It’s Weird Man does have the weakness of sounding like a collage of clips from the same show and not a single, flowing performance. This is just me being difficult though.

The clips themselves are all solid. The comic even does a bit on Quark theory Southern style. It perhaps takes him a bit to get to it but it is good and somehow closes with a very funny God and the fags bit.

Less original is the routine on beer commercials and sex. Been there, been done.

The closer, a bit on Thomas Jefferson doesn’t quite start off strong but does build up to a good ending.

The show itself and the CD end kind of abruptly in a red light is flashing get off the stage kind of way.

I keep hearing this weird but very faint background noise on this independent release comedy CD by Eric Riley Moore. It’s like a little trickle of water in a stainless steel sink. This does something away from this solid release if you are as difficult as I am sound wise

It’s Weird, Man
Eric Riley Moore
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
30 minutes

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