New Jersey born and raised stand-up comic Mike Marino comes across as a wiseguy / goombah comic, the kind who would be comfortable in a Tony Soprano world. This shtick works because Marino is able to use the stereotype to set up his jokes and also rise above it at the same time. His first stand-up comedy DVD, New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy, was, in my opinion, a long time coming but is well worth the wait.

This stand-up comedy DVD opens with a gimmick I always find annoying: the pre-show comedy sketch. Fortunately, Marino’s is actually original and funny and he is perhaps the only comic to have a call-back to it at the end. Those familiar with Mike Marino and his comedy CD Jersey: Born + Raised will recognize the opening bit on New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy: Marino’s take on the F word. There are many other echoes of the CD here like Lost in Ikea and Gastroenterology but it is fun to see him perform them in front of an Asbury Park home crowd, especially my personal favorite, Italian President -which may come through if Guliani wins.

Some of the material is definitely Joisey friendly, such as the E-Z Pass bit, but Marino manages to expand its interest near the end. Fortunately, the vast majority of New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy travels well so you do not have to be familiar with that neck of the woods to enjoy the DVD: His bit on Starbucks is pretty original and his Bad Breath routine, which is definitely different and funny, is really supported by his body language here. You also have to see his DeNiro starring in Baywatch bit.

Marino’s Mother’s Cooking does not get much out of the audience but the closer for that routine is very smart and funny and has a couple of good callbacks. I also found is Wal Mart cashier and the Costco shopping carts routines a bit weak until, again, their closing moments that make them worthwhile.

Marino’s dating scene routine is excellent. I really like his take on the male and female cock blocker and his explanation how men and women set each other up. It’s conclusion is really good too. Unfortunately his cop versus motorist closing bit is fairly decent and does last a bit too long.

A lot of the fun inĀ  Mike Marino New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy DVD is watching Marino perform as this stand-up comic really uses his body language to add to his material. This is a solid release.

Extras include a few clips of Mike Marino on the road in various clubs including a Marie Callender’s. These are not particularly interesting

New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy
Mike Marino
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2007
69 minutes plus extras

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