Imagine Red Green naked with a guitar quite strategically placed and you get what Naked Trucker looks like. Naked Trucker and T-Bones Live at the Troubadour has to be the weirdest comedy DVD I have ever seen. If you like country music, redneck comedy, and funny songs, Live at the Troubadour is all that and has all that.

Naked Trucker and T-Bones is a country comedy song duo that takes its dynamics from the Smother Brothers. Trucker sings funny tunes and T-Bones tells funny stories that sort of segue the songs or is it the other way around. I am not a big fan of comedy songs and believe country music smells like the countryside at tilling time. T-Bones’ singing will also remind you of that.

Live at the Troubadour is really a specialty release and a matter of taste. I can see why Naked Trucker and T-Bones are popular but they do not do it for me. I have to admit though their mix of country music and rap is original and Trucker and the band are solid musicians. I really get the feeling the CD might be a little better than the DVD as it probably cuts out some of the banter between tunes.

There is a moment on this DVD where Naked Trucker looks at his watch when T-Bones is singing. I am sure he does it as a joke but I found myself doing the same thing. Unfortunately, T-Bones does most of the singing here.

Naked Trucker and T-Bones Live at the Troubadour DVD doesn’t do it for this city boy.

Track List:

Ballad of the Naked Trucker / The Meeting / Where’s My Beer / Square Dance is Hip Hop / You Don’t Know Jack Shit / Let’s Go Down to Hobo Holler / Pathos Bathos / My Daddy is an Astronaut / Paintstickin’ Jammin’ Gears and Mud Flaps / This Train / Long Beach / Gin & Juice / This Train You Do The Driving and I’ll Do the Drinkin’ / Hobo Holiday / Stay Right There / My Girlfriend / American Dream

Live at the Troubadour
Naked Trucker and T-Bones
Country Comedy DVD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2007
65 minutes

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