This Dane Cook stand-up comedy DVD will make even the comic’s harshest critics pause.  Isolated Incident features a more mature and thoughtful comic. This is not always the case, of course, as it is hard for a leopard to change its spots and hard for Cook not to go for more facile sex jokes and such. Still, this stand-up comedy DVD has some very funny, thought provoking bits.  I suspect the comic is just showing he could do more thoughtful material if he wanted to. Most of Isolated Incident is sex jokes.

Dane Cook benefits greatly from a small stage and intimate crowd at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. He does not have to play it big and he is not obliged to fill the space by pacing it, a common feature of derogatory imitations of Cook. Isolated Incident starts off quite strong with funny and well thought out bits about Obama, self-assassination, and common expressions. This is basically the first third of the DVD.

He does revert to more college humor with a bit about losing his cell phone in the john and twat swatters.  WWYDI, what would you do if is a decent bit of relationship stand-up comedy that Cook unfortunately undermines with the guy version of the question.

The second half of this Dane Cook stand-up comedy DVD features the kind of routines the comic’s critics slam him for. These are unnecessary and unnecessarily bawdy sex jokes that Cook repeats and oversells. This is also somewhat bluer material that what the comic usually does.

Special features on Dane Cook Isolated Incident are an interview and 30 Premeditated Acts. Acts is a sixty-minute feature where Cook comments on a few bits and pieces of his act. Nothing profound, mind you.

Isolated Incident
Dane Cook
Stand-up comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2009
55 minutes + extras

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