Don’t Make Him Angry, the first Jo Koy stand-up comedy DVD is not as good as the comic usually is live.

43 minutes is also a bit short for such a release. Fortunately, a bonus feature is a 30-minute Comedy Central Presents performance, making this Jo Koy DVD 70 minutes long stand-up comedy wise without counting the other, lesser features.

Jo Koy does not open strong on this DVD. Your basic Alabama scary redneck folk and his discovery there is a link between Pepe Le Pew and the French are not exactly original stuff. Better is the Michael Phelps / Olympics routine but the driving bit that follows is also banal stuff.

This is the weakness of this Jo Koy stand-up comedy DVD. A good stand-up routine precedes or follows a lesser, more generic bit. After the driving bit, Koy has a good bit on his mom playing Wii. This routine could be tighter; the showdown ending is quite good.

The part about Koy’s son playing with his “tin-ting” is banal at best but the second part, again, is quite original and funny. Adult language is used as a crutch for the next bit of stand-up about what a guy does when his wife is late.

The show closes with the story of the birth of Koy’s son. I’ve heard better.

Oddly enough, the Comedy Central Presents Jo Koy special feature is a better performance overall than Don’t Make Him Angry. There are some minor repeats from this show to Don’t Make Him Angry. The other features are your usual filler stuff.

Don’t Make Him Angry
Jo Koy
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2009
43 minutes + Special features.

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